My Mother’s Day

    Ah, Mother’s Day. A holiday I love. I love the handmade cards and the breakfast that my kids and hubby do for me. I always get flowers to plant and also ask for one item for the house I know I wouldn’t get otherwise, because how can they say no to a Mother’s Day gift? (Last year I got a new ceiling fan to replace the pink one I couldn’t stand. This year I requested blinds to go in my bedroom to replace the ones my toddler has torn to shreds. It’s getting seriously obscene.)

    I got two unexpected gifts this Mother’s Day. The first came while I was sitting at church with my family, my one-year-old playing contentedly on my lap. Suddenly, my lap felt rather warm and rather wet. Yes, Happy Pee-Pee Mother’s Day to me. Her diaper wasn’t on quite right, so my dress became her diaper instead. The older kids were singing a song for Mother’s Day, so I couldn’t leave until I could watch them. Then my four-year-old needed to go to the bathroom, so I stayed to help her. By the time all that was over, I was nearly dry so I figured, “Why change now?” and stayed for the rest of the meetings. (Just in case you’re wondering, you know are firmly rooted in motherhood when you blithely accept being urinated on in public and decide not to do anything about it.)

    The second gift came from my four-year-old. She came bounding up to me with a huge smile on her face after her church classes and handed me a colored Mother’s Day printout with a fun-size Kit Kat attached. It was a sweet gesture. The only catch? The wrapper was bitten through, not actually opened, and the top layer of chocolate had been scraped by someone’s cute little teeth. Only one of the pieces was affected, so I figured I could still eat the other.

    We got home, I set my candy on the counter, and I proceeded to change out of my pee-pee dress. Once that was in the laundry basket and other clothes were on for myself and my kids, I went back to the counter. Now the candy wrapper was open completely and one of the pieces of Kit Kat was gone– the one without any of the chocolate scraped off. My four-year-old, whose conscience must have been bothering her said, “I couldn’t help it Mommy! I just love Kit Kats so much! They’re my favorite!” I just laughed and said, “That’s OK, honey.” Then, with her earnest big blue eyes, she looked up at me and smiled, “I saved one for you, Mommy. Please, eat it!” So, I picked up the Kit Kat with the scraped off chocolate, said silent prayer that she hadn’t been sharing too many germs in her church classes, and polished off what was left of the Kit Kat. She gave me a big hug and said, “I love you so much Mommy. You’re the best Mommy in the whole world.” Then, my one-year-old, not to be left out, came up and grabbed my leg and gave it a squeeze.

    Getting peed on and chomping half-eaten candy bars? If it means getting more hugs like those? Sign me up for Mother’s Day, every day.


10 thoughts on “My Mother’s Day

    • I don’t know how patient I am, but yes, those are your dentures. I stole them last night while you slept. I’ll return them after they’re done being used by toddler to chew all toys in sight.

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  2. Love it! The small things that make motherhood so worth it. Love stories that fall under the “You just can’t make this stuff up!” category 🙂

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