Next time, an Unusual Souvenir

laundry3 Ahh, vacation. Twelve wonderful days with my family. I loved nearly every minute of it. (With 30 hours in the minivan, some of it was bound to not be bliss, right?) I also love getting home. Sleeping in my own bed, getting back into a routine, etc. What I don’t love about getting home? The laundry!

Twelve days of vacation took every ounce of clothing everyone in the family had to get us outfitted for the trip. With unloading and general lack of energy, I didn’t quite get to the laundry last night. Plus, the mountain of it was so daunting, it reminded me forcefully of the Matterhorn. Only perhaps taller. So, this morning as the kids woke up, I heard this, multiple times:
Kid: “Mom, I don’t have anything to wear!”
Me: “What about your souvenir t-shirts?”
Kid: “OK, sweet.” (Lengthy pause) “But what about underwear?”
Underwear? Curses. I knew I should have made them get souvenir underwear! Oh well. Next time. Hopefully when we visit Yellowstone next summer they’ll have souvenir grizzly fur boxers. Or maybe a buffalo hair camisole and panty set. I’ll be sure they get those and the goose down undies. Then, my next trip laundry dilemma will be solved


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