Best T-Shirts I saw in Disneyland

Ah, t-shirts.  The perennial American wardrobe piece of choice, especially for summer time.  T-shirts can express  political views, proclaim a favorite sports team or celebrity, or just make a funny statement.  The latter are my favorite.  I love a t-shirt that makes me smile.  And on my recent trip to Disneyland, I saw plenty on 20,000 of my newest friends.  Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order:

1.  Princess Leia as the Mona Lisa:

princess leia

2.  Darth Vader on Dumbo:


3.  Storm Trooper Emotions Unmasked:


4.  Yoda’s Lament


5.  One worthy of the Haunted Mansion:


6.  Two great philosoraptor t’s:



7.  One I should make my new personal mantra:


8.  The one my two-year-old and my eleven-year old actually wore, but for different reasons:


Harry t=shirt

Back:  mischief managed

What’s the favorite t-shirt you’ve worn/seen?



3 thoughts on “Best T-Shirts I saw in Disneyland

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