Generationally Hooked on Fitness

hooked on aerobics2As a child I remember doing aerobics with my mom. She played (probably pirated) videos of Hooked on Aerobics, a local PBS show. I would kick, bounce and shake it along with Ellen and her neon leg warmers clad gang at the same time my mom was getting her workout to the cheesy, almost elevator music. Funny thing, though, I remember watching my mom as much as I watched the screen. I would take a cue from her more readily than I would the too perky, big eighties hair or too-short shorts instructors on TV. Now as mom, I’ve seen my own little ones doing the same thing. They watch me, copy my movements and keep their groove thing going. Though I’m sure they’ll remember Jillian or Kathy Smith instead of Ellen, I know they’ll remember watching me even more. They’re doing what I do then waiting for me to give them the praise and props that they know are forthcoming. My mom’s aerobics days set a good tone for my life. I am active and love to exercise. It might have been easier for her to just exercise without me underfoot, but she didn’t, so I grew to love it from a young age. It would be much easier for me to have enough space to really move without my little back-up dancers, but it’s much more fun with them. Children learn what they see lived. And hopefully, mine are learning to love being active from me. And if you want to watch a little of the ’80’s aerobics show, here’s a link. It made me smile:


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