Stay Back, Back to School

Not Even Remotely!

Not Even Remotely!

As I was perusing the aisles of my local big box store, I saw something that brought me up short. Back to School. Everywhere I looked, shiny new pencils, unused notebooks and backpacks that I swear were never that clean at the start of school last year stared me in the face. What? It feels like summer just started! I actually saw a few back to school displays in the middle of June, one week after school had let out for us. And now, when the smoke from our Fourth of July fireworks has barely had a chance to clear, I’m bombarded with reminders that summer is all too fleeting.
Well, I say, stop! Selling Christmas decorations before trick-or-treaters have even donned their costumes is outrageous enough. Having school thrown in my face this early ruins the joys of summer. Sure, I can still run through the sprinklers with my kids, lick a melting ice cream cone and sift through the sandbox for the treasure my pirates buried. But, every time I need to pick up more popscicles, my local retailer is reminding me that responsibility and added structure are just around the corner.
Could we please wait until the first part of August at least? Then I’ll happily snap up the crayons with the sharp points and the packs of underwear with enough pairs to outfit the entire classroom. Until then, I’m just going to revel in my idyllic summer activities and pretend that they are going to last forever. Even though I know, like my children’s childhoods, they’ll be gone faster than the box of band-aids I just bought.


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