Nurture Your Marriage: Get Out into Nature

Think of the most romantic spot you’ve ever been. A few of you might be thinking of a restaurant or a theater or some other indoor venue, but most of you are probably thinking of some location in the great outdoors. One of my favorites is Hawaii. Just look at the pics on my blog. The sound of the ocean surf, the scent of tropical flowers, the feel of sand between your toes while you walk hand in hand down the beach. Perfect romantic environment. It doesn’t get any better. But we don’t live in Hawaii. However, there’s still plenty of romance to be found in nature closer to home.
My hubby and I were looking for a date the other night. He suggested going hiking up a nearby canyon. It was wonderful and fit the romance bill.
There’s just something about fresh air, beautiful scenery, and no distractions that add up to a romantic atmosphere. Add in a sunset (and subtract the kiddos for a couple hours), and you have the perfect equation for romance.

donut falls

The mountains have always been a favorite of mine. My smart hubby even proposed to me while we were hiking. He wanted to propose while we were having a picnic on a huge rock in the middle of a stream as we watched a waterfall cascade down through a hole in a rock. But, too many other people clogged the area, so he waited and brought out the ring while we were hiking back. He chose a picturesque tree near the trail, stopped, and got down on one knee when we were alone. (Sigh. Eyelash flutter.) I still love that trail.
elephant rock view

Last Friday was great, too. When you’re out in nature, you have nothing else to do but admire the view and really talk. And, it doesn’t hurt to steal a kiss or two when the opportune moment presents itself. We did toy with the idea of having my hubby wear the two-year-old’s monkey backpack leash while I held onto it and led him along–just to see the reaction on the other hiker’s faces–but I’m glad we didn’t. Laughs are always great, but romance, with four kids and a mortgage, is often hard to come by.
So, if the romance factor in your marriage has been a little lacking lately, get out into nature. You and your spouse will get your groove back faster than you can tie on your hiking boots. Where is your favorite romantic spot?


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