Taken for a Teenager: Flattered or Flabbergasted?

Truly, I was the sheep!

Truly, I was the sheep!

This past week I got the amazing opportunity of taking my church’s youth group for girls camping. We had a wonderful time, with none of the girl drama and in-fighting that I expected might happen. What can I say, these girls are fabulous.
Some of the great men who were up there helping me set up camp kept commenting that they had a hard time picking me out from the girls. They claimed I blended right in. I thought they were just being nice, but maybe I was wrong.
Our camp was for several congregations who live in the same area, so I didn’t know most of the girls up there. Teenage girls from one of the other congregations came around to our camp while we were eating lunch. They told us they had made bracelets for us. Only, they had only made enough for each of the girls, not the adult leaders who were with them.
A girl who was probably about thirteen started passing them out. She came to my spot and handed me one. “Um, no thanks; I’m a leader, not one of the young women,” I said. She looked a little embarrassed but moved on. One of the men who had told me I looked like a teenager happened to be at the table and started to laugh uncontrollably. “See, I told you!” he crowed. They ended up with one extra bracelet. The man who had laughed snagged it and gave it to me. “You look like you should be wearing this,” he said.
I guess if a teenage girl picked me out as one of them, I might actually look like a teenager. Or was it just that I was acting so much like a teenager that she couldn’t tell the difference? I plead the fifth.


4 thoughts on “Taken for a Teenager: Flattered or Flabbergasted?

  1. When I got asked for my ID at 7-11 because, according to the cashier, it’s required if you appear to be under 35, I ate it up. I thanked her for making my day and may have even told her I loved her. As far as I’m concerned, if someone says you look younger than you are, OWN IT! 🙂

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