Labor Day: A Second Mother’s Day

Labor Day. The end of summer. Officially a day to honor all the contributions workers have made to our social and economic well being. But I have always thought of it as a different kind of day; it should be a second Mother’s Day of sorts.
Think about it. The most important labor that was every done for you was the one that brought you into this world. And, having been through four labors myself, I can tell you that labor day (not capitalized) is no picnic. Though, most of you will probably eat a picnic sometime today.
Ironically, my childhood friend is in labor today on Labor Day. She’ll experience the sensation that her entire body is being torn in half while this alien creature who had been sucking the life out of her for nine months is struggling to claw its way out and into the world. But, no big deal. Let’s celebrate workers by all means. Because eight hours of sitting at a cubicle is much more difficult than fourteen hours of intense pain followed by drawing and quartering.
And since Labor Day is unofficially the end of summer, turning it into labor day fits also. Once that little alien being is in your arms, your days of care-free playing are over.
I am truly grateful for all the workforce of America does. But maybe we could all take a minute on Labor Day to thank our birth mothers for going to Hades and back to give us life. Thanks, Mom. Love you.


One thought on “Labor Day: A Second Mother’s Day

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