Forever Mommy

My sweet little five-year-old ran down the hall yesterday. I looked at her little face, her beautiful eyes, her dancing smile and exclaimed, “I wish you could be my little girl forever!” But then, I amended it and said, “Of course, I don’t really want that because I want you to grow up and be able to have children of your own that you will love just as much as I love you.”
Then, my sweet little bug said, “And I want you to be my mommy forever.” After talking with her a bit more, I realized she meant that she, too, wanted to freeze time and stay where we are right now. While I thought that was pretty appealing, I went on to tell her, “I will be your mommy forever. Even when you’re a mommy, I’ll still be your mommy. Even when you’re a grandma, I’ll still be your mommy. Even when I’ve died and gone to heaven, I’ll still be your mommy. Because a mommy is a mommy forever.” She looked sweetly in my eyes, hugged me, rubbed then kissed my cheek and flitted off to spread her beautiful brand of sunshine to someone else for a little while.
I am blessed to be a forever mommy. And though there are times when I think that I could have done so much “more”, could have been something “important,” I wouldn’t trade the mommy track I’ve put myself on for the last eleven plus years. One look in those beautiful blue five-year-old eyes tells me I’m doing what is right for me.



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