Cinderella As a Vampire, Aliens, and Sibling Rivalry

Is this the real Cinderella?

Is this the real Cinderella?

As I was driving in the minivan, my five-year-old piped up from  the back seat, “Mom, is Cinderella a vampire?” 

            Certain I had heard her incorrectly I said, “What?  Did you just say Cinderella and vampire together?” 

            “Yeah, Mom, is Cinderella a real vampire?” she asked in her most earnest voice. 

            “What in the world makes you think that?” I questioned. 

            “Well, (eleven-year-old) says she is, and he can prove it because of that  thing that is always around her neck.  He says that Cinderella is going to come and bite me and eat me in the night.  And (nine-year-old) says he’s right and that’s another reason she’s always hated Cinderella.” 


Or is this?

Or is this?

.       I did my very best not to bust out laughing.  I told my daughter that the black choker around Cinderella’s neck was just a fancy decoration, not a clever way to hide bite marks.  Though, come to think of it, Cinderella is rather pale.  And she hangs out with a cat named Lucifer.  And you never actually see her eat in the movie.  Hmmmm. 

            Truly, though, I was annoyed.  One more reason  for my five-year-old to hate and now fear the princess she most resembles.  Orchestrated by her older siblings. See  

            This little sibling trickery reminded me of something that my sister and I told my little brother.   We were all in the back of the truck when we were kids, driving to a fishing spot.   My brother, who must have been around five at the time, saw some communications towers up on a faraway mountain.  The landscape was pretty barren and not much else was around.  So naturally, he was curious about what the towers were and why they were there. 

            My  sister and I told him the towers were there to contact the aliens that were his real parents.  We said the entire fishing trip we were on was actually just an excuse to make contact with his alien parents and return him safely to his alien home where he really belonged.

      alien family
 At first, I don’t think he believed us.  But we were so ruthless, constantly haranguing him about it.  By the end of the fishing trip, he apparently trusted every word we said.  A year or so ago he admitted that he did, in fact, believe that he was a poor lost alien boy, kindly adopted by our parents until his real family could meet up with us and take him to the mother ship.  He didn’t say how long he believed it, but it must have been for a while.  And my sister and I must have been great storytellers/actresses to pull that deception off. 

            So, I guess I can’t fault my two oldest for what they said to my five-year-old.  Whether it’s Cinderella as a vampire, or an alien living amongst us, sibling trickery spans the generations
  And, hey, it is highly entertaining. 


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