My Freezer Find

I know I shouldn’t have done it. I really didn’t mean to. But before I knew it, I couldn’t take it back. Forgive me my freezer indiscretion. I have done the unpardonable. I consumed four-month-old ice cream cake that wasn’t meant for me.
I was getting some things out of the freezer to make lunch for the two littlest ones. I spied a reusable ziploc container, crusted over with ice. I knew what was in it. It had been sitting in the freezer door since Father’s Day. It contained the last two pieces of ice cream cake from the celebration at our house in June. I had saved them for my hubby but then had forgotten to have him eat them. Fast forward four months. I had been meaning to throw it out for quite some time. Its happy red lid reminded me almost every time I opened the door. I finally decided I couldn’t stand it any longer and took it out of the freezer yesterday.
Convinced that any unwrapped ice cream cake would be freezer burned after staying in there so long, and after looking at the ice encrusted lid and sides of the see-through plastic dish, I didn’t think there would be anything worth eating in it. I opened it and just about tossed it all. But then, I noticed something. Something that would be my undoing. While one of the pieces clearly had ice crystals denoting freezer burn, the other did not.
“Well,” I thought, “I’ll just take one little bite to see if I should save it for hubby. If it’s worth anything, I’ll put it back and let him know about it later.” I got out my spoon. I took a bite.
“Hey,” I thought, “this is actually pretty good. The Oreos are a little soft, but the ice cream and fudge center are still good.” I sampled just a little more to be certain. Still good. Too good. With one child who has a dairy allergy in the house, we rarely get ice cream. By rarely I mean maybe every six months. Bite after bite inexplicably kept going into my mouth; I swear my arm and brain had a little disconnect moment. Before I knew it, I was down to nothing except the freezer burned piece left.
I couldn’t very well offer that to my hubby. Not a very nice late Father’s Day treat. So, I dumped the rest. Then, I ate nothing but a plate full of baby spinach with no dressing and complimented myself on a very healthy lunch.


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