Me Me Owie, Too!

As my two youngest were sitting on my lap, each jostling for a more comfortable position, my five-year-old pointed to her finger and said, “Mom, look at my owie! It’s a mosquito bite I scratched too much. It hurts a lot.”
My two-year-old, not to be left out, pointed to a scabbed over gouge on her thumb and said, “Me me owie. Look at me me owie, too!”
I quietly assured both girls that their owies looked painful but livable. I told them both I was sorry they were hurting and kissed each little hand better.
I’ve since thought about that incident a lot. How often do we just want someone to notice what we’re going through? To notice we’re having a hard time? How often are we so wrapped up in our own “owies”, our own struggles–whatever they might be–that we don’t notice the “owies” of everyone else?
kiss it better

We all want to be loved, to be noticed, to be acknowledged for the things we’re doing well and for the challenges we’re facing. As adults, we don’t point out our “owies” very often. But they’re there. We don’t need to look too hard or too long to find the “owies” of our loved ones, our neighbors, our friends.
So, whatever your “owie” may be right now, I just want to tell you: Yes, it hurts. But you can still conquer it. I am sorry for the challenge you’re going through. You are loved, and you are noticed. And if your owie is too big for you to handle, pour your heart out in prayer. Constantly. God has a way of kissing our owies all better that not even the best mother can match.


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