Cover Wars

Since the temperature has dropped in the last week, my hubby and I have unearthed our second quilt from the linens closet and put in on the bed. I put it on expecting toasty tootsie the whole night through. I’d forgotten about the long standing battle that happens every time I get out the second quilt.
Perhaps we’re only expressing deeply buried aggression caused by socks that are never picked up (him) or keys that are always lost (me). Maybe when it gets chilly we both go into survival mode, and it’s every person’s coziness for him/herself. Or maybe, I just need to get better at tucking the quilts so they don’t migrate during the night. But, whatever the reason, our winter nights always start out pleasantly enough but end up with one of us wishing for warmth.
bedroom1n-1-webBoth quilts start out the night on the two of us, equally placed with no one person having more than his/her share. But do they stay that way? Oh no. Somehow, magically during the night, one of us always ends up stealing the warmest qulit entirely. Then, we leave the other person with the thinner quilt or even just a sheet. I have awakened twice this week shivering slightly, realizing that I am clasping the sheet to my shaking body for what little warmth it provides. I’ve also been awakened twice this week by my hubby tugging on the covers because I have them so well cocooned around me, he doesn’t have enough to even wrap around his big toe.
Maybe there are some evil cover imps, just waiting to cause marriage problems by shifting all the warm fuzziness to one side of the bed. I can hear them now…
“Let’s slide them all to her side tonight. He’s already kind of peeved at her because she lost his keys again. Then we can watch the fireworks when he wakes up cold and miserable.”
But if those cover imps are expecting a thorough chewing out, they’ll be sorely disappointed. Neither one of us gets mad, we just tug and pull until our share (or perhaps a tiny bit more than our share), ends up back where it belongs, and then we drift back off to sleep.
So, I guess neither one of us really wins the cover war. And neither one of us loses. But it’s a battle that will continue from now until spring temperatures makes our room perfectly pleasant once more


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