Review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

catching fireI was lucky enough to see Catching Fire last night at a preview party hosted by an affiliate of my hubby’s work.  In short, it was amazing!  If you haven’t bought tickets yet, get some before you read the rest of my review!

The movie series went through a director change, and it has only served to make it better.  Really liked the first one, loved this one.  For big fans of the book series, like I am, you’ll be happy to know the movie stays true to the book.  Yes, some things are left out, but it had to be somewhat condensed to make it fit movie time restrictions.  All the major plot elements that you loved are still in the movie.

Political machinations take front and center stage in the film.  I couldn’t ask for a better Snow or Plutrach, the Head Gamemaker.  The human relationships are also so well done.  Emotions run high throughout the film.  I found myself tearing up a few times.
katniss and peeta

The acting was superb.  There is not a single weak link in the acting chain.  My favorite new comer was Jenna Malone as Joanna.  All the former players were excellent; Woody Harrleson as Haymitch was particularly good.  (And I don’t usually like him.)  Katniss is so well acted by Jennifer Lawrence she became the character for me.  Tucci as Flickerman is still hilarious.  And Banks turns in a great performance as Effie.

The pacing of the film is perfect, spending just enough time outside of the actual arena to set up everything that happens there well.

The action is not overdone, something  I think is all too common in most movies.   It plays its role but doesn’t linger overly long.   There was one particular moment which creeped me out.  (Baboons anyone?)

The romance love triangle is portrayed perfectly.  Ah, to be Katniss.

I tried hard to come up with something I didn’t like.  My only complaint is a certain scene where Katniss is running to interrupt a whipping.  Only, she’s just sort of jogging along.  There doesn’t seem to be much intensity, let alone speed, to her movement.  My only tiny complaint, and I had to search for it.

Both hubby and I loved this film so much, we plan to see it again before it leaves the big screen.   Go watch it.  Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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