The Bearer of Bad/Good News

good bad news
This morning I went to the elementary school to post the cast list for this year’s musical. I am so glad I didn’t have to cast it. Eighty-two kids in grades 4-6 showed up to try out. Making those decisions must have been a nightmare. I purposefully came right as the morning bell was ringing so I wouldn’t have to see anyone’s face. I didn’t want to know who would be elated and who would be dejected.

I remember being in the students’ shoes too many times to count. Sometimes I got the part I wanted. (Yeah!) Sometimes, I didn’t. (Boo!) Sometimes, I didn’t get any part at all. (Waterworks here.)

One particular time I remember well. I had tried out for the junior high basketball team. (Those of you who know me well can stop snickering now, please.) I had made the first two rounds of cuts. There was only one more round to go. I had played better than I had ever played before. Obviously, or I would never have made it that far. I caught a glimpse of the final list the gym teacher was posting. I saw my name! I was ecstatic! The coach went to tape up the list. I waited at the back, expecting my congratulations to come soon from those who were up front. Only, they didn’t. So I slithered through the group only to find that a good friend with my same first name had made the team instead of me. My eyes began to sting from tears I refused to shed, at least right there. I never really thought I would make it, but to have it ripped away when just moments before I thought it was a sure thing was really hard. That was a rough blow.

So, my heart goes out to those who didn’t get the part they wanted. Someday, you’ll look back and realize that it was a good growing experience. You’ll realize that you had a lot of fun with the part you did get. And you’ll be glad you took the chance and auditioned. Until then, eat some chocolate, get an extra hug from your mom and dad, and cry in your room if you need to. With 82 kids in rehearsals, I’ll be eating the chocolate, crying just a little into my own pillow and getting an extra hug right along with you.


2 thoughts on “The Bearer of Bad/Good News

    • Thanks, sillyliss, I would rather lose to a big number, too. I’ve lost to big numbers, small ones, and somewhere in between. But I’ve also won competing against big numbers, small numbers and somewhere in between. Thank so much for reading!

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