Sledding: My Kids Ruin a Romantic Moment

We love winter sports at our house. Sledding is one that tops the list since it is free, once you have the sleds, and easy for the whole family to participate in. This past weekend, after a long bundling session, we loaded up everyone; hubby and I with all four kids went to a local hill to get our sled on.

We were by no means the only people on the hill. After some fresh powder, it seemed like a great day for families to head out. Mostly we were surrounded by families with young kids to tweens, a lot like our own. There was one glaring exception. A couple, who looked to be in their early 20’s, who had a tube built for two.

They would go down the hill, giggle a little, then sit on their cushy tube for a full fifteen minutes just holding hands and making goo-goo eyes at each other.

For some reason, my kids’ sleds seemed to have a magnetic attraction for this couple who obviously had a magnetic attraction for each other. At least every other time they went down the hill, my kids would end up within two feet of this couple and their tube, interrupting their goo-goo eyes. When I went down the hill with a kid, we managed to avoid them, but my kids on their own had some bizarre target lock for this couple.

I was usually too far away to see how they were reacting to the intrusion of my offspring. At first, I was embarrassed. Then, I decided my kids were doing them a service, allowing the other person in the couple to see how their potential mate reacts to annoying children.

But, near the end of our sledding saga, the kids probably crossed the line. My nine-year-old didn’t just come close to the tube they were sitting on. She rammed right into it. The woman jumped out of the tube in time, but the guy just sat there. In complete slow motion, since the tube was so big and squishy, the tube tipped over, and he landed on his head.

I admit to laughing, but only after he stood up unharmed and somewhat shamefaced. I imagine this couple soon had a conversation about birth control. That’s my offspring, reducing the population, one goo-goo eyed couple at a time.


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