My Hubby’s Third Eye

Sometimes, I forget that our family isn’t exactly typical. But that fact was highlighted again for me this past Sunday.

As we were clearing the table for dinner, my husband noticed one stick-on googly eye that had been dislodged from the craft box of death the last time the kids had gotten it out. He asked me if we needed it. I told him no, and he promptly stuck it to the middle of his forehead. I barely even glanced at it. Things like that are so commonplace in our household. I forgot about it and went on with my day.

third eye

Then, the doorbell rang. My awesome neighbor had graciously offered to look at our computer. It was having “issues”. Not remembering the whole extra eye thing, my hubs answered the door. I was sitting off to the side and heard, “Oh. What’s up with the eye?” I’m sure my neighbor was thinking that our computer wasn’t the only thing in our house with “issues”. An embarrassed hubby pulled the sticky eye off his forehead, turned to me and said, “How come you let me answer the door like that?” I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to answer.

I wish I could say I was being slightly naughty and playing a joke on my hubby. The truth? I had put it out of my mind’s eye, as it were. I am so used to seeing extra eyes, crazy dance moves, and rubber cement being rubbed into booger consistency that I don’t even think that not everyone does things like that.

Perhaps next time, my hubby’s all-seeing third eye will do a little better job at being omniscient, and he’ll pull it off before he answers the door.


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