Accio Ketchup

I have two rabid Harry Potter fans. My eleven-year-old finished the books about a year ago and practically sobbed when he didn’t get his Hogwarts letter his last birthday. My nine-year-old has read six of the books since New Year’s. She has already cracked the 7th.

Harry Potter lingo has started to creep into our family’s dialogue without my noticing. This was brought to my attention at dinner the other night.

My two-year-old wanted some ketchup. She stood up on her chair, pointed her hand with her imaginary wand in it (which I’m sure contains a dragon heart’s string core), and shouted “Accio Ketchup!”

Yes, that is how she thinks everyone asks for something to be passed to them at the table. Because, for the past few months, that is how my oldest two have been asking each other to pass things around the table. My five-year-old even gets in on the act. Even hubby and I have been known to use “Accio” as a request to have something passed to us.


Of course, we complied. The ketchup magically flew directly into my two-year-old’s hand. I swear she know some other spells as well, Reducto being the most prevalent one she uses. At least it feels like everything she touches get blasted to smithereens. Now, if only I can perfect my petrificus totalus to use on her at bed time.


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