My Daughter the Kiss Up

Even when I’m not around to see it, my two-year-old is up to mischief. My cute neighbor called me on Sunday to tell me about my two-year-old’s antics in her church nursery class.

Apparently, the other kids were kind of bumpy that day. Not intentionally, just a little rough and tumble. My daughter had been roughed up a bit off and on, and she always ended up a little weepy. My neighbor whisked my cutie into her lap, kissed her better and sent her on way to play again.

One time, though, my two-year-old got pushed down right onto her rear end. She tearfully went over to the same neighbor who had been so kind to her all day. She sat down in her lap, and very sincerely and tearfully, with full pouty lip extended, asked, “Will you kiss my butt?”

My neighbor is extraordinarily nice, but everyone has her limits. “No, honey, that’s gross,” she said. “I’m not going to kiss your bum.” Two-year-old got a hug and a kiss on her “other” cheek and went merrily on her way to play another day.

kiss my boo boo I’m very thankful I have such kind people around my child. I’m not quite so thankful two-year-old’s older brother taught her the word “butt.” Mostly, I’m thankful my neighbor refused. Because how would I ever repay that one?


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