Upside Down Van Ride

Most times when you forget to do something as a mom, it can be easily fixed. Sometimes, it can’t be. Some few times, your forgetfulness creates a situation that you find hilarious, but your child–not so much.

I was picking up some lumber at the local hardware store so we could hang the scenery for a school play I’m in charge of. My van has some nifty seats that fold right into the floor/trunk. I folded down one half, folded down the other half, then decided my purchase didn’t really merit having both halves folded down. I put the other half up and thought that I’d done it right. But apparently, I forgot to listen for the telltale click that lets me know all is well in seat land.

After unloading the lumber and hanging the scenery with another mom, I picked up my child from Kindergarten. She climbed into the back seat that wasn’t currently folded down, put her booster seat on top, and thankfully strapped herself in.

We were driving the two miles home from the school. My five-year-old was chatting to me about her school day, and I was letting her know about hanging the scenery. As I braked for the four-way stop, I heard a terrible clunking noise. As I pulled through the stop, I looked in my rearview mirror and saw two little feet, kicking in the air where my daughter’s head had been moments before.

feet (1)

I quickly pulled over, set my daughter back upright, and made certain she was OK. This time, I made sure to hear the click. As soon as I was assured of her safety, I busted out laughing. The image of her feet kicking in the air was too much for my overly tired brain.

“Hey,” she said, “it’s not funny!” I stifled my fit of the giggles and told her that she was right, it wasn’t funny, and I wouldn’t have laughed if she had gotten hurt. Still, I wonder if that was a fun ride. Maybe I’ll unclick the seat and ask my hubby to drive down the street, stop quickly, and see what it’s like to fall over backwards. Or, maybe I’ll just go take a nap so I stop having thoughts that only populate my brain when it’s overly tired. Either way, I think I’ll see those little size 9 in toddlers feet kicking for all their worth in mind’s eye for quite a while.


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