My Two-Year-Old Comedian

Our two-year-old cracks up all of us on a daily basis. The hubs and I were watching the Lone Ranger since the older three kids were at the cousin’s. Two-year-old was happily playing with her princess menagerie in the same room. We didn’t think she was paying any attention to what was happening on the screen. However, at one point the bad guy ordered some of his cronies, named Ray and Skinny, to go into a train tunnel. They walked in, the lights went out, and in the next scene a single mine car rolled out of the front of the tunnel. Two-year-old stood up, pointed at the mine car and asked, “Is that Ray?” I will have to assume she is watching everything from now on. (And I won’t be watching any more movies that aren’t G rated with her next to me anymore.)

Then, yesterday, she came skipping into the living room yelling, “Mom, look at my happy face!” When I turned to get a look, this greeted me:



Not my idea of a happy face. Maybe it’s your idea of one? That face sure made mine happy though, just as it does on a daily basis. Thanks for making me laugh, two-year-old.


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