Birthday SSSurprissse

My hubby celebrated his birthday yesterday. I made him sweet rolls and got him a gift or two, but his most interesting gift didn’t come from me.

As he was coming in the door from work last night he said, “Hey hon, that dinner looks great. I have to go out to the car and make sure the snake doesn’t suffocate, but then I’ll be in.”

Thinking I didn’t hear him right, I said, “What? Did you just say snake?”

“Yeah, someone gave it to me at work for my birthday. I need to go poke some more holes in the lid and give Salazar some water. ”

Oh no, I am not having a snake for a pet. Turns out my hubby’s co-worker and band mate gave him a two and a half foot long garter snake he’d caught in the field next to his home. I think his co-worker thought he’d freak out. Salazar, as Gerry named him thanks to Harry Potter, came in a glass jar complete with a black ribbon no less. But hubby didn’t. He just said, “Hey, thanks. My kids would love to see this.” Wifey, not so much, however.


Salazar had a nice field trip to our house. Eleven-year-old wanted to keep him and even googled what to feed him and how to take care of him. I was fresh out of raw fish and raw steak, however. All the kids would have liked to keep him. I told hubby Salazar would need to get back to his own house. Hubby took the snake back to work this morning. He said his co-worker would just take him back to his field and set him free.

I’m not sure what Chinese year my hubby was born in, but his birthday this year was the year of the snake.


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