Egg Hunt Commandos

Every year a wonderful neighbor puts on an egg hunt for all the kids in the neighborhood. There are always tons of candy filled eggs. Though those are sought after, all the kids really look forward to the prize eggs: the silver and gold ones. Find the silver or gold egg and you have won a filled Easter basket.

Every year my kiddos have searched for these little beauties. And so far, every year someone else has found them first. I didn’t realize it was such a big deal, until my nine-year-old started her “training” with her five-year-old sister. I guess she’s feeling desperate since ten- years-old is the cut off for the egg hunt. She wants that egg badly, so much so she’s gone to great lengths to get her sister to get it for her.


“You will have a head start,” she told her five-year-old sister, “so you need to find it.” Yeah. Putting it all on the five-year-old. Ever since Spring Break in March, these two having been conducting practice hunts. Nine-year-old will hide all sorts of eggs, including a prize egg, and then five-year-old is responsible for finding that egg. Only after the prize egg has been recovered can she go looking for the other eggs. Nine-year-old has a stopwatch app to time everything and make sure her sister is getting faster and faster at finding that egg. Nine-year-old is the best egg hunt drill sergeant ever. I would be scared to be her recruit. She could whip anyone into a crack egg hunter.

Nine-year-old wrote up an entire list of “rules” to follow so the coveted egg can be found. My favorites include:

1. Don’t give up ever!
4. Don’t get distracted by the other eggs.
9. Check places that kids haven’t checked.
10. Also look places where kids have looked.
(So, they pretty much should look everywhere, I guess as is stated in rule 11.)
These two have come up with a chant, an egg hunt cheer if you will, complete with hand actions no less. It goes something like this: Golden Easter egg, Silver Easter egg, we are going to find you. Go Golden Egg Girls. Wooh!
Nine-year-old has even drawn a map of the yard the hunt is held in from memory.


Only time will tell if all this egg hunt commando training is working. If they don’t find the golden egg, maybe I can put all their training to use the next time I lose my keys.



6 thoughts on “Egg Hunt Commandos

  1. Such adorable children! I used to love egg hunts when I was a kid. I didn’t quite go to the great lengths that your children do, but that sure would make it more fun.

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