Egg Hunt Commandos Update

The girls were so excited, walking over to the the neighbor’s yard. Hopes were high. The Easter Bunny had visited last night, and though they looked at their haul briefly, they spent most of the morning in training again.

We walked over and saw 73 kids total waiting to find those eggs. The odds weren’t in their favor. The little kids got their head start. Five-year-old didn’t pick up a single candy filled egg. She went straight for the likely hiding spots and looked. Then, the big kids came in. They swarmed the yard. Fifteen minutes went by, twenty minutes went by. Still no prize eggs. Finally, my nine-year-old found a prize egg! After much looking where others had already looked, hiding in the lilies, deep underneath the gleaming treasure egg was found. Only, it was the silver egg, the one for the boys. She handed it to her cousin, who grinned from ear to ear and went to claim his prize.


The golden girl egg was still out there. Nine-year-old and five-year-old searched diligently, along with all the other neighborhood girls. It seemed as if that egg would never be found. The neighbor who had hid the eggs came over and asked if he’d hidden them too well. Another neighbor said, “Yes! Give that redhead over there a clue!” He told nine-year-old where to look. She scoured the bushes and found it but it was out of her reach. I plucked it out and gave it to her. Happy faces all around. Nine-year-old, with help from her five-year-old sister,ended up finding them both. She is sharing the booty with her five-year-old sister.




She said, “All that hard work paid off. Training really works!” But my favorite quote was, “The best part was actually giving the silver egg to (cousin) and seeing his big smile. I’ll never forget this day. And I never thought I’d find them both! It’s an Easter I’ll always remember.” I didn’t expect a fairy tale ending to my blog post yesterday, but the Golden Egg Girls Triumphed. And maybe even learned a lesson about hard work, tenacity, teamwork and generosity along the way.


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