Laundry Fairy Apprentice: You are Fired!

I have been known as the laundry fairy for quite some time. This started when I became a stay-at-home mom and took over all of the laundry duties. My hubby would look in his drawer or closet and comment that he had clean clothes that appeared there as if by magic. I started saying, “It’s the lovely laundry fairy. She granted your wish and made clean underwear magically appear in your drawer.”

laundry fairy2

I like being known as the laundry fairy. It takes the chore I like the least and makes it seem more fun. Let’s face it. Who wouldn’t want to hold a pretend magic wand in hand and prance from drawer to drawer while putting away magically cleaned clothes? It’s a pretty good gig. (And yes, I do occasionally act like a fairy while putting away clothes. I have to entertain myself somehow. ) Try it the next time you put away laundry. If you can come up with a magical catch phrase while placing your laundry, you’ll have even more fun. I simply say, “Poof! All clean!”, but I’m sure you can come up with something better. Maybe, “From Warty Toads into Clean Clothes!” You get the idea.


My hubs decided the other day that he should become a fairy’s apprentice. He thoughtfully put some clothes into the dryer that had been waiting in the washer. What he didn’t know was that some of those clothes are not meant for the dryer. My clothes to be exact. He excitedly got the clothes out of the dryer and proceeded to hang them up and put them away. I walked in while he was getting out my tights. He said, “Oh, I didn’t know you had (nine-year-old’s) tights in this load with our stuff. I’ll just go put them in her drawer.”

I didn’t have my daughter’s tights in that load. They were mine. Shrunk down to the size appropriate for my nine-year-old daughter. Then I looked at one of my shirts. I’m not certain I will ever fit into it again.

The tights I wore around for the rest of the evening since they were still warm and I hoped to stretch them out a bit. I think I saved them. The shirt? I still haven’t tried it on. It may actually become nine-year-old’s.


Like the good fairy the laundry fairy is, I didn’t actually fire my apprentice. I thanked him for his help and simply reminded him it might be a good idea to ask me before he throws an entire load in the dryer. I may have clipped his wings a little, but I am hoping that my apprentice will reach full fledged laundry fairy status soon. After all, with six people ‘s clothes to wash, this fairy’s wings can only fly so fast and so far. May you gain a laundry fairy apprentice at your house too!


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