The Renegade Orchestra Student

Ah, May. Before my kids reached school, it used to be an idyllic month filled with outdoor frolic and switching out the long sleeves of winter for the short sleeves and shorts of summer. Now, it’s a month filled with concerts, soccer games, performances, school picnics, school programs, and something nearly every night of the week and most weekends, too.

Still, I’m not complaining. I love to see my kids perform in whatever capacity. I found myself at the beginning of the month attending a Monster Concert. This concert is where sixth grade orchestra students from elementary schools all around the district come together to play. I expected a cringe worthy night of wishing I’d brought ear plugs. (You have heard a beginning violinist, right?) I was pleasantly surprised. It was actually good.

My son had heard about the orchestra opportunity at the beginning of the school year and ran home that day, called up the orchestra teacher himself and requested a stand-up bass. Keep in mind that my son is the shortest in his entire grade. The bass is bigger than he is, but still he wanted this instrument for some reason unfathomable to me. And he was dedicated, getting up early for orchestra and hauling his instrument home for practice. When the concert finally came, we schlepped that thing across a huge parking lot and into the gym with hundreds of other orchestra students.

My eleven-year-old is apparently not your typical orchestra student. During the concert he was the renegade bass player. You only need to look at the video link to see what I mean. You’ll have to scroll through all four videos to get the full effect. (Each are 15 to 30 seconds.) Pay special attention to the look on the face of the lady playing the piano. And, look at the difference between my son the kid next to him, when he is pictured. I promise spending two minutes of your life watching this will be worth it.


2 thoughts on “The Renegade Orchestra Student

  1. That “lady playing the piano” is the orchestra teacher at my school as well as WX high. She also plays violin in the Orchestra at Temple Square. 🙂

  2. She looks rather surprised at some of Cayden’s movements. She did a great job on the piano. She must be very patient to be a sixth grade orchestra teacher. I am certainly not cut out for it! Thanks for reading!

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