Locks of Love From My Lovely

My sweet little nine-year-old has been growing out her hair for a long time, for a few specific purposes. First, she wanted to be Ariel at Halloween.


Then, she wanted to be a ravishing, long haired vampire for a musical she was in.


Then, she wanted to have long Tiger Lily braids for her role in her latest play. But most of all, she’s been waiting to grow her hair long enough to donate it.

Ever since we read a book called Because of Anya, by Margaret Peterson Haddix, about a girl with alopecia who is trying to conceal it from her friends, my nine-year-old has wanted to give her hair to someone who doesn’t have enough of their own.

This past week, we went to our hairdresser and had it chopped into two piggie tails of love. It will be sent off to Locks of Love to make a wig for someone who really needs it. She’s hoping it will go to a child about her own age. She’s also hoping they will choose to dye the other hair needed in the wig to match hers. Whatever happens to it, I am pleased with my girl. She loved her hair and still sort of misses it (Mom does, too), but wanted to make someone’s life a little brighter by sharing a piece of herself. Hopefully we can all find a way to do that for someone else. DSCN1176


3 thoughts on “Locks of Love From My Lovely

  1. We hear so much about entitled spoiled kids but not enough about sweet little ones, like your daughter, who are making such a difference for the better! I know how proud you must be to be raising such a kind caring child! ~Thanks for sharing! ~Blessings~

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