How I Run Mommy School

After reading my screen time buck post, I’ve had a few requests for a post about my Mommy School. Your wish is my command.

I run Mommy School with three fifteen minute segments. More than that and the kids seem to get bored. Less, and they don’t seem to get enough in. Each segment they do something different. And each segment I focus on a different child.

For instance, in the first rotation, I have one child working on a workbook they can do independently. I choose something from the grade they just completed so it is just review. They might need a little help, but not much. That frees me up to work with someone else, so I have one child working with me on something a level up from where they are. Then, I have a third child reading to/listening to one of the younger two reading.

I try to focus on the subject that my child needs the most help with, too. That is different for every child. I looked at their reports cards and just knew from homework experience what they needed to work on this summer. I still review the other subjects, but the main focus is on their weakest area.

So today, it looked like this: Rotation 1: Six year-old read to nine-year-old while eleven-year-old worked with me on the essay he is writing about boat design. Two-year-old played and watched.

Rotation 2: Six-year-old worked in Kindergarten workbook on handwriting independently while I helped nine-year-old with adding mixed fractions. Eleven-year-old continued on essay. (He really needs to focus on his writing.) Two-year-old colored.

Rotation 3: Eleven-year-old read to two-year-old while nine-year-old worked on a typing game independently, and I helped six-year-old with sight words.

I really believe that letting the older kids teach the younger kids helps both sets out. And, it frees me up to still work with the older ones. If you have a toddler/infant, you can do Mommy School during a nap time. That is what I did for the past three years. I don’t have a napper this year, so I’ve had to adapt. I make up my own interesting essay topics, find math worksheets on the internet, and use workbooks from the dollar store to have them work independently. I also bought a learn-to-type computer game since my kids need to work on that.

One last note: if the kids have done all their work well (stayed on task, really tried hard, etc.), we will have a Fun Friday. We either do a science experiment or an arts and crafts day.

Hopefully this helps you to know how I run my Mommy School. Every family is different, but this model might spark some ideas for you own set of cuties! Here’s to learning and growing over the summer!


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