The Potty Diaries

We are in the midst of potty training our barely three-year-old. Having done this four times now, I know it is always an adventure. And doing it for the last time has a sweetness all its own. Couple that with my daughter’s highly entertaining personality, and I’m in for a volatile mix of humor, chaos and craziness. Here are just a smattering (sorry, perhaps not my best word choice), of the potty pearls that have happened at our house.

At church the first week we embarked on our journey in earnest, three-year-old said she needed to go potty. As I was taking her out of the meeting, she loudly proclaimed, “I don’t want to fall in, Mom. Can you hold me so I won’t fall in?” She repeated this out in the hall to several other parents who were listening. Many giggles and smiles came our way.

Then, the same week, as I was carrying her out of church, she lifted up her dress and said, “Mom, I can’t see my underwear. I want to see my underwear.” Well, who wouldn’t want to when said underwear is covered in My Little Ponies or Minnie Mouse? We happened to be walking right by the leader of our church at the moment. Luckily, he has six kids of his own, so her flashing moment wasn’t too big a deal. minnieunders

I guess three-year-old really is obsessed with falling in, though she never has fallen in the toilet. She walked in while I was using the facilities and exclaimed, “Mom, you aren’t falling in!” Then, after looking pensively at me for a moment, she said, “You are a mom, with a big mom bum, so you aren’t going to fall in, but I have a little girl bum, and I will fall in unless I use my potty seat.” Thanks for the assessment of my derriere, dear.

And speaking of said potty seat, it happens to be a Disney Princess one, just like the one pictured above, only ours has the words, “Making my own Magic” written on it. I couldn’t make that up. I smile every time I help her on it.

We are celebrating every potty moment, so it is funny when she turns the tables and does the same thing. As she walked in on me again (yeah, I should start locking my door), she exclaimed, “Mom, you are peeing! Great job!” She proceeded to clap her hands and then do a little dance in my honor. I’ve never felt so accomplished just for a necessary moment.

Amid the accidents, and the tantrums over not having the “correct” pair of underwear clean, the potty diaries have recorded a few funny little gems. But my favorite is still the expectant little smile she gets when I’m in the bathroom with her and she’s doing her thing. Seeing her face light up for becoming the “big girl” who is potty trained is priceless.


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