Three Stalls, Three Repairs, Two Tows, and One Woe of a Day

I had lots of plans for yesterday. None of them happened. And none of them included being stranded somewhere on the side of the road or in a parking lot from 9 AM to 5:30 PM. Yet that’s what I did.
It all started when my hubby decided to drive the boat in to be fixed. It was still hooked up to the motorhome from boating on Saturday. The boat quit going into forward, so it needed to be fixed. My hubby took the entire rig, intending to drop the boat off to get repaired and then go on his merry way to work. Instead, I got a phone call at 8 AM saying the motorhome was having the exact same problem we’d paid a whole ton of money to get fixed just last fall.
So, I drove to my mother-in-law’s house, picked up her van which can tow the boat, and went to rescue hubby on the side of Highway 89. I pulled up, put the hazard lights on the van, and we proceeded to talk about what to do about the motorhome. After many tries of getting it to move, we just unhooked it from the boat trailer and took out the cell phones, trying to get someone to tow and fix our motorhome.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to get people to tow a 28 foot long motorhome? It took dozens of phone calls, by us and by wonderfully helpful relatives, each one sending us to someone else who might be able to tow something that size but acutally couldn’t. We finally found a place and gasped at the price. A few more calls, and nothing else panned out so we went with the one we found.
Of course, by that time, it was almost noon. The tow truck finally arrived, took awhile to hook us up and drove away with our forlorn looking vehicle attached. I was so relieved, sad, and just plain tired by that time, but I knew we had more to do. We were tasked with still hooking up the van to the boat and taking it to the repair shop.

Only, the van, the one we’d used as our hazard lights, now had a dead battery. We knew that might happen, so we’d started it and revved it several times, but apparently that wasn’t enough. After another round of phone calls, my brother-in-law who happened to be at lunch right there brought his car and jumper cables. At around 1:45, we were finally on our way.

We took the boat in, got it dropped off and then went to the DMV to get the decals for our motorhome registration that had never arrived in the mail. After some wonderful moments in AC, we went back out to start my mother-in-law’s van again. Only, it wouldn’t start. No, I am not kidding you. It wouldn’t start, and it wasn’t just the battery this time.
We called my mother-in-law’s insurance, and they wouldn’t authorize anything for us. They needed her. But her cell phone was busy. So, we just left the van and walked over to get some food finally at around 3:45 PM. As we inhaled our burgers, fries, and drinks, we wondered what the odds were that someone would need two vehicles towed in one day.
Finally, after much rejoicing and many more phone calls, we got a tow, our second tow of the day. The tow truck driver let us ride to the repair shop which was conveniently down the street from our house. I finally walked in to greet my kiddos after leaving them at just after 8:30 that morning.
Though it was a hard day, I still was blessed. Blessed that my kids weren’t with me and that my twelve-year-old was capable of handling them with only minor mishaps. Blessed that my neighbors, relatives, Gerry’s co-workers and even a couple strangers were so willing to help us out of a tough situation. Blessed to have the vehicles in the first place, even though a 1987 boat, a 1991 motorhome and a 1994 van are not the most reliable of transports. Blessed to have a husband who didn’t have the nervous breakdown that I know he wanted to have. And blessed to be kept safe and sound even with all the oversized loads (two) and strings of semis that came our way. So though I was going to file this one under woes, I may still file it under wonders


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