Big Summer Blowout!

I’ve discussed my potty training adventures with our three-year-old in a previous post. It is still going well, but we’ve had a mishap or two. One of the most memorable came last week at the park.

I take my kids to the park every morning. They play while I run. I had just completed about two miles and wanted to do another couple when I heard, “Mom, I pooped,” as I was running by the playground.

I climbed up the structure intending to get her, but she ran away from me and went right down the twisty slide.

I had put her in underwear with a pull-up over the top since we’d be in public. This was not the best combination for a number two accident. It didn’t contain it at all.

I went down a different slide, luckily, and met her and her bottom at the bottom. Her shorts were covered in brown, her back had some also, and the yellow twisty slide now had a big brown streak down the middle from top to bottom. My twelve-year-old took one look at his sister and the slide and quipped, “Big Summer Blowout!” He is rather witty for his age.

I banned my kids from the slide, (luckily we were the only ones in the park) and set about cleaning up the girl. The underwear went in the trash, and she got the best cleaning I could do with wipes.

Then, what to do with a twisty slide streaked with waste? The flies were starting to land and swarm. The sun was heating it making the smell even more pungent. I was very thankful I’d brought a nearly full pack of wipes. I started scrubbing at the bottom and then climbed my way up with wipe after wipe. Please, picture me climbing up a twisty slide scouring off excrement as I went, willing my shoes not to lose their grip on either side of the slide. (I obviously couldn’t put my feet right up the middle.)
yellow slide

When all visible evidence was gone, I got out my bottle of handsanitizer and doused the entire twisty slide from top to bottom. Out came more wipes, more scrubbing with the sanitizer, and another trip up the slide with my feet awkwardly braced on the extremes of either side.

Some of you are probably wondering which park you should avoid for the next hundred years or so. But think about how often something similar probably happens without all the wipes and sanitizer. If you think about it, it’s probably the cleanest slide in the county. I am hoping for no more big summer blowout surprises, however.


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