Potty Diaries #3

Potty training has actually been going quite well lately. I think we are out of the worst. But accidents still happen. Especially when I don’t set things up well.

We went for our usual exercise last week. The kids were slow getting going. We were getting out the door later than I wanted to, and I forgot one very important thing: to have three-year-old sit on the potty before we left.

No big deal, you say, you can probably just have her use the public restroom. Usually, yes, only this time we had chosen a school playground with no restroom on the premises open.

Not one of these in sight!

Not one of these in sight!

My twelve-year-old and I had just started our run when the ten-year-old came running up to us saying, “Three-year-old has to go to the bathroom!”

I looked around and surveyed my options. There was a big bush in the middle of the playground. It would have to do.


I took my dancing three-year-old over and told her we were going to imagine there was a potty there and when I pulled down her pants she would pretend to sit on it and go while I held her up.

I think she only heard the “go” part. As soon as I pulled down her unders, she let go, still standing up. All down her legs, onto her underwear and onto her (thankfully) plastic flip flops.

Peeing in the great outdoors is never easy for girls. My three-year-old knows that now. So, did I go home? Pack it in? Nope. I just told her the clothes would dry and rinsed her flip flop with my water bottle. And with as hot as it was, it dried quickly.

Before another twenty minutes were up, my six-year-old had to go, too. Another– more successful –trip to the bushes.

I apologize to the groundskeepers now for any yellowed plants. I’ve learned my lesson. No leaving the house without a bathroom break and no playgrounds without handy potties.


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