Boating Adventure

What do you get when you add one old boat, two adults and seven kids age twelve and under? One crazy but fun day!

My now ten-year-old daughter wanted to invite her friends on a birthday boating party about three weeks ago. Luckily, the boat got fixed just in time. I had her call up all her friends and let them know it was a go. We went on our merry way, happy to be in the water.

When we got there, I got my three-year-old in her life jacket so she could play on the beach. She asked, “Where’s my (pool) noodle?” I told her I didn’t bring it. Her reaction surprised me: “If I don’t have my noodle, I will sink under the water and a whale will find me and eat me!” Yeah, the drama runs deep in our family. After assuring her that no whales were in the water and that I would not let her sink under (and neither would the life jacket for that matter), she agreed to play on the beach.

My ten-year-old and her friends had fun surfing. None of her friends had ever tried surfing behind the boat before and each had a good time.

My six-year-old surfed behind the boat, too. She stood up and was so light that she was able to satnd facing front instead of the usual surfer pose. But as soon as she stood up for a moment, her feet slipped right out from under her and she landed back on her bum. Had it been anyone of the rest of us, we would have been in the drink. But her negligible weight kept the board a float.

The only hitch came at lunch time. We had foolishly left our food unattended on shore. No human hands had touched it. But an entire flock of seagulls had pecked through the sealed bags of bread. Slices were everywhere. We found enough bread to make do; I guess all seagulls are like the Finding Nemo variety and think “Mine, Mine.” They certainly thought our lunch belonged to them.

Not this flock of seagulls...

Not this flock of seagulls…

This flock of segulls

This flock of segulls

Everyone loved the tube. My three-year-old kept asking for more speed. I said to her, “Would you like to go a little faster?” She replied, “No, a lot faster, not a little bit!”

The best moment, for me, came at the end of the day. My husband has to back down our boat trailer with the long motor home. It’s the only vehicle we own that can tow a boat. So, he asked me to guide him down the ramp. I am spatially challenged. I can’t tell which way a wheel should turn, or what will happen if a trailer goes a certain way. So, I am not the best choice to guide my hubby down the ramp. But I am the only choice.

The hubs is not overly thrilled with my guiding skills. I was waiting on the dock for my hubby to have his turn to back down. Several others boat were there, so I went outside of my comfort zone and asked the guy next to me if he would guide my husband down the ramp instead of me.

He agreed. He was really great at it and my husband didn’t have any trouble at all. So thank you, anonymous stranger for making my marriage happier and helping our boating party to end on a good note. May someone pay it forward to you some time.


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