What’s on Your Toothbrush?

Some things you never want to hear come out of your children’s mouth. Besides the obvious cuss words, I’ve heard things like, “There’s salad dressing in my ear,” and “I just wanted to hit her, mommy.” But one that I heard from my bed last night while I was trying to read my scriptures took the cake.

I was calmly sitting there, trying to take in a little inspiration, knowing that my three-year-old was completely ready for bed and that my three-older kids were brushing their teeth. Suddenly, I hear this cute little voice exclaim, “There’s pee on your toothbrush!”

I only wish it had been toothpaste on her toothbrush

I only wish it had been toothpaste on her toothbrush

I just sat there for a second, not wanting my ears to be correct. But three-year-old repeated herself: “There’s pee on your toothbrush.” In rushes six-year-old with her toothbrush, laughing.

“It’s true, mommy, there is pee on my toothbrush!” six-year-old exclaimed. She then tried to hand me the toothbrush, but I declined. (Wonder why)

Turns out six-year-old had just finished brushing her teeth, set the toothbrush on the counter, then turned and knocked it off, right into the toddler potty we have in the bathroom.

Three-year-old almost never uses that one anymore. She is used to the toilet, and I’d been meaning to get rid of the small potty. However, that hadn’t happened yet, and apparently my daughter still used it for some unknown reason last night.

potty chair

Whatever the reason, completely undiluted urine now coated my six-year-old’s toothbrush. Yep. Now, you can go on about how hygienic urine really is, but I’m not about to believe you.

Since we didn’t have a spare toothbrush sitting around, my six-year-old skipped brushing her teeth this morning. We’ll go to the store tonight and get a new one, hopefully one that won’t meet such a gruesome end.


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