The Gingerbread Man, Reclaimed

My family has a hard time giving up “things”, and humor and frustration ensue when we do. My father-in-law once bought back the same pair of pants his wife had (unbeknownst to him) donated to a local thrift store. It even had the same safety pin holding together the pocket.

My ten-year-old still mourns the loss of her twinkle, twinkle little star doll. It was a baby doll that she got for Christmas when she was two, and I gave it away since she hadn’t used it for about two years. She still brings it up whenever I suggest a toy purge and warns me not to just give her stuff away without her permission like her beloved twinkle, twinkle little star doll.

But my three-year-old’s “donation” may win. We were at my twelve-year-old son’s court of honor last night. The girls all went to play in the nursery next to the room where the court of honor was being held. My ten-year-old got the toys out for her sisters and a few other kids. One of the toys was a little too familiar.

A few months ago, the nursery at our church had asked for toy donations. I was happy to comply and cleaned out a few items my daughter wasn’t playing with anymore. Only, I asked that they be used in the classroom she doesn’t usually go in so that she wouldn’t recognize the toys.

There weren’t any problems until last night. She was playing the room she doesn’t normally go to and, she found her gingerbread doll.

After the court of honor was done, she came stomping into the room, gingerbread man in hand saying, “I want my gingerbread man back, Mommy! Don’t give him away! I want to keep him.” She then proceeded to stick out her bottom lip and sit down on the floor for her own form of a sit-in protest.

After several attempts to persuade her to give the doll back, I finally relented and let her take it home, fully intending to give it back the next Sunday. But her reaction was just too priceless.

“Mommy, you are going to let me keep Gingerbread? Yeah! I love him! I love him!” Then, she gave him a huge hug and danced around in a circle with him. Next she said, “You are the best mommy because you let me keep my Gingerbread!”

Here is a picture of my girl and her Gingerbread.

I ask you, how could I separate that? I can’t. I guess I’ll just live with a little more clutter in her room. It’s worth it for the smile it brought to my lips.


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