Spooky Night

Halloween came a little early to me this year. First, let me say I don’t believe in ghosts, per say, nor in hauntings and things that go bump in the night. But last night almost (but not quite) had me changing my mind.

I was in a dead sleep when a noise and an eerie glow flooded my bedroom. I sat bolt upright, heart pounding. My computer is at the end of my bed, and I had forgotten to turn it off last night. It was in sleep mode and somehow, the mouse got moved and the start screen came on.
original (1).

Too scared to check it out myself, I tried to get hubby to wake up and see what was going on. He just kept sleeping. So, I pulled the covers up around my head and tried to go back to sleep. I didn’t even want to hop out of bed to turn off the computer.

I had drifted off to sleep again when three-year-old started wailing from her bed. Cries from her bed are nothing new since she has night terrors, but my already over active imagination was in high gear. It seemed I was having night terrors of my own, only waking ones. Mommy instinct kicked in, and I ran to her room to check on her. She had quieted before I got there, and nothing seemed out of place.

I jumped back to the safety of my covers and gave myself a stern talking to about how silly I was being. I told myself to grow up and stop imagining the boogie man was out to get me and my family.

This is what I was imagining in my bed...

This is what I was imagining in my bed…

My heart rate finally slowed, and I had closed my eyes once again when I heard a loud bang from my ten-year-old’s room. I sat up, shrieked slightly and let an expletive fly that normally does not issue from my lips.

Again I ran to check on another daughter; all was well but something had fallen from her loft bed.

I know the noise from my ten-year-old’s room has a really good explanation. She probably just rolled over in her sleep and kicked something off the bed. And the crying happens all the time. But the computer? I suppose the cord to the mouse could have been jiggled by something innocently shifting under the desk; I’m going with that. I don’t want to think about or believe in the alternative.

I will definitely be turning my computer off tonight. And I’ll be making sure ten-year-old doesn’t have anything heavier than a stuffed animal on her bed

I’m rather tired today after the night’s exploits. But my hubby’s not. He slept through the whole thing. And probably had dreams a lot more pleasant than mine.


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