Horror on the Trail

I was going for my run the yesterday with my three-year-old in the stroller. There are lots of grasshoppers this time of year, (by lots I mean enough to carpet the entire trails with disgusting bugginess) so we’ve come across many a carcass of those bugs who were
unlucky enough to fail to get out of the way of a passing foot or wheel.
squashed grasshopper

These have become so commonplace, I have ceased to even notice them. However, as I was nearly to the turn around point in my run, I saw something up ahead that caught my eye.

I noticed a big, red streak of something on the trail. Whatever met its unfortunate end there was obviously something that didn’t have yellow insides like all the insect guts I’d seen strewn about.

What was on the trail? I assumed it would be a freshly mutilated carcass. I pitied the poor creature that had met its unfortunate end, and then had the added degradation of being strewn across the trail for all the world to view its final, grisly remains. All the flies and wasps surrounding and feasting on its dead flesh obscured my view. I nearly turned around to spare myself and my child the scene I was certain would haunt us, but I still wanted to finish my full run so I kept right on. I didn’t want to know what it was, so I did my best to avert my eyes, but right at the last moment, I was drawn to it, just like I can’t seem to look away when I come upon an accident scene.

As I neared the horrific looking red streak, the flies and wasps cleared away, and I had an unobstructed view of the garish red remains.

Before me lay something almost too hideous to comprehend. What I thought was some animal carcass was in fact, a squished strawberry poptart. It must have been chucked out by some toddler or preschooler in a stroller. Just so you know, the inside of a strawberry poptart looks very much like blood and guts and gore.
So much for my overactive imagination. Still, rest in peace, poptart. I’m sorry you came to such an ignominious end.


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