Mommy Entertainment

You know you’ve been a mom for a long time when you find yourself singing into the blow dryer as you put it away. The blow dryer that was out on the dining room floor so your child could use it to dry some glitter glue.

hair dryer

And what were you singing into it? Some rocking tune? Some pop sensation of the day? An Broadway classic? No, none of these.

Nope, you were proudly singing, from the hit show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, “Just close your eyes, and think of something happy.” It’s a little ditty that refers to what you should do to make getting a shot hurt less.


I looked in the mirror and saw myself, and in the instant I actually comprehended what I was singing, I realized what a mom I have become.

I will continue to proudly belt out PBS KIDS tunes. But maybe I’ll skip the blow dryer microphone, or at least I won’t look in the mirror when I do, because that’s just entirely too silly.


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