Review of Mockingjay, Part 1


My husband’s work hosted a preview night for Mockingjay Part 1. Of course, being big Hunger Games fans, we had to go. Mockingjay is another great movie in the Hunger Games franchise.

The action was great. Since this movie doesn’t take place in an arena, it was somewhat less than the other two movies but still had you gripping the edge of your seat several times.

This movie did allow for even more character development, and I enjoyed the deepening of Katniss’s feelings for both Peeta and Gale. Though his role is lessened, Haymitch is still Haymitch (done superbly by Woody Harleson), and Effie is great as a “refugee” of sorts.

The acting is well done. Jennifer Lawrence portrayed the panic and determination inherent in these events well. But the best acting was by far done by Josh Hutcherson. He went from confident and descended through each stage of crazy so well in his “interviews”, I was convinced he had really undergone everything Peeta had. And, whoever did his make-up is a true artist.


I loved how the movie was mainly true to the book. I purposefully didn’t re-read the book so I would have some movie surprises. There were several moments I had forgotten. (I won’t spoil them for you.) But it still seemed to mostly the same feel.

I have one main complaint: President Coin, the President of District 13, was portrayed as way too nice/compassionate. She is seen as stoic, but no hints were given that maybe she isn’t the answer to Panem’s problems. I’m not sure how they will turn her into a character worthy of the ending in Part 2. They missed an opportunity to show she is simply a different side of the same “coin” as President Snow when they didn’t have Katniss’s prep team imprisoned and mistreated (like in the book) and had Effie play that role instead.

Overall, Mockingjay is a great movie. You won’t be disappointed whether you are a fan of the books or have only seen the other movies. I am sure I will be back to see it on the big screen again before it flies away.


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