Her Nose Knows  

For some reason, when kids see a hole, they want to fill it.  Hole dug for gardening?  Your child will promptly collapse the dirt and fill the hole.  Hole in the jeans?  A child’s finger automatically goes for the hole, widening it the process.

Unfortunately, fingers tend to fill holes in the body, too.  I’m not sure why, but every kid I know has at some point stuck his/her finger up a nostril or two.  (Sometimes, both at the same time which is quite the feat.) This has probably been happening since time immemorial, but I have no proof of that.   My three-year-old is not immune to this hole-filling phenomenon.  And, she is rather good at the second part of this phenomenon, too.  Somehow, in the process of plugging the hole, the child realizes that something might be in the hole, something that they can get out.  And, nearly always, that something goes from one hole straight to another a few inches away.


I don’t know why kids eat boogers.  My three-year-old is rather verbal for her age, so I decided to see what I could glean from her over active mind.

Me:  “Yuck.  Get your finger out of your nose.  That’s gross.  Why do you pick your nose?”

Three-year-old:  “Because I like to, Mommy.  And sometimes, I can get boogies.”

Me:  ( as she proceeds to put a treasure from her nostril into her mouth) ” Eww!  Why do you eat it when you pick your nose?  That’s disgusting!”

Three-year-old:  “I like it, Mommy.  Mine taste like watermelon.”

download (2)

Huh, I never would have guessed that flavor.  I may have to buy some Bertie Botts every flavor beans and see if the bogie one tastes like watermelon.  At least to my three-year-old boogers and watermelon are one and the same.

download (1)

No wonder I don’t like watermelon.


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