Kissing His Childhood Goodbye

My twelve-year-old son came home from junior high and told me, “Something weird happened today.”

“What?” I asked.  Having been a junior high teacher, I could think of any number of weird things happening, from a shoe flying across a classroom to a visit from a local celebrity.  But nothing I thought of was close to what had happened.

“Well, as I was leaving school, I was gathering up all my stuff at my locker.  Then, when I closed it, there was a kiss mark on it.  With really red lipstick.”

download (3)

My other kids and my hubby started to come up with a few scenarios of how this “weird” occurrence might have happened.

My ten-year-old said one of twelve-year-old strange friends, who are all boys, might have done it to play a trick on him.  While my son’s friends are strange, (they are seventh graders after all) I have yet to see one with bright red lipstick on.

My hubby said, “Some poor girl was walking along and you slammed your locker into her face!”  But then he reasoned, “I suppose that there would be a big streak of red down the locker as she fell, though.”

Which leaves us with only one real possibility, one this mom is not entirely ready to accept.  My son probably has a secret admirer.  One who isn’t quite bold enough to plant her lips on his cheek, but will plant her lips on his locker door instead.   While he’s standing there.  Completely oblivious to her presence, I might add.

I guess I’ll have to get used to lipstick marks that don’t come from me on my kiddo.  But I really have to say, I’m not entirely prepared for all of it.  I’m just not ready to kiss his childhood goodbye.


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