What’s in Your Animal Crackers?

Three-year-old was eating some animal crackers the other day. She was, as any good preschooler would be, not content to just eat the crackers. She had to inspect them and make certain that she knew what each and every animal was before she bit its head off and sent it to its doom.
Of course, in order to be completely certain, she had to ask me and get my approval before devouring the cracker.
“Mommy, what’s this?” she asked.
“A bear,” I responded.
“Why does it have three eyes?” she wanted to know. Hmm, I didn’t have a good answer for that one.
“Well, the machine who made them must have made an extra hole somehow, I guess.”
She happily munched on for a while then came to a cracker she hadn’t identified yet.
“Mommy, what animal is this sitting on a toilet?” she wondered.
What? I couldn’t possibly have heard her correctly. “An animal on a toilet?”
“Yeah, look!” she said as she handed the cracker to me.
“Um, it’s a monkey and it’s not actually sitting on a toilet, it’s just squatting down on its hind legs, I guess,” I replied after my giggles subsided enough to talk.
Take a look for yourself, it does look like it’s on a toilet, especially to a little girl who is still sort of fascinated with the whole potty thing:

Suddenly, animal crackers aren’t so appetizing anymore.


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